Be the best teacher they’ve ever had

Make fun games on any topic, to play in class or as homework

No setup or downloads. Students can play on any laptop, tablet or phone

Free teacher dashboards

See your class report for the most recent activity completely free

Differentiated teaching

Assign different students different quizzes appropriate for their level

Team game view

Use Quizalize as a whole in class quiz game. Engage and motivate your students!

More than flashcards

Easily create multiple choice questions and other types

Rich insight

Get detailed reports on each student's strength and weaknesses

Progress Tracking

Record student results over time and demonstrate progress

Personal student reports

Give each student the individual feedback they need to improve

Teachers say...

Quizalize is wonderful and students and myself love it. It is very engaging.

I really appreciate how simple it was to use and create a quizalize. My students loved it

I'm a fan of Kahoot, but your program seems to offer so much more information for the teacher!

I love the feature that every students gets a summary at the end of the answers they gave (including the right answer)

Thanks so much for your time. Your team has created a great thing.

NEW team game view engages students of all abilities, together

Your live dashboard shows who needs your help

…and measures strengths and weaknesses, topic by topic

Discuss how students answered, identify areas needing further help

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Make fun games on any topic, to play in class or as homework

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